About us

Roti Ghar Ek Soch is a India-based non-governmental organization focused on the world’s poor and vulnerable people. At Roti ghar, we address Roti Ghar Ek Soch and protection and are dedicated to helping deprived, excluded, and provide free food for improve their lives and extending the opportunity to become young adults, parents, and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their communities around the world.   The project seeks to inspire hope and provide children with life’s basic necessities and goods that foster their education and personal growth.

Half of the world’s children are living in poverty. Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or write. The world’s children are facing incredible challenges. And they can’t overcome them alone.

Help Reduce Hunger
There are two key ways in which you and other people in the India can help reduce hunger and poverty: understanding-- this implies learning-- and action. Action can take three key forms: influencing public policy, contributing financially, and working directly with poor people.
India's Burden of Acute Malnutrition in Children
Malnutrition is India’s silent crisis. It has some of the highest rates of child malnutrition and mortality in under-fives in the world (twice that of sub-Saharan Africa). India has 132 million “under five children”. Of these 132 million children, it is expected that 9 million children, are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Our mission

We make food and enjoy sharing it. A lot. We’re very lucky to be a company that makes delicious foods. So, we like to share our food, our facilities and our time in an effort to help eliminate hunger.

We believe no one should be hungry. This belief inspires and directs every aspect of the work we do.

Provide free Food for hunger.

Open a Roti Ghar Center in each village.

Distance between two Roti Ghar center will be 2 km.

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